Branding vs Marketing

3 min readApr 21, 2021

We thought to share this rough piece, it might just be meaningful to someone, a CEO, a marketer, anyone in business.

It’s quarter pass 2021, meaning we’re in Q2–21 and every second is vital if we’re to meet our financial target for the year.

As a leading coworking in Nigeria, managing a community of businesses, business owners and CEOs often ask what they need to grow their businesses and increase sales.

Though the problems and challenges facing each business differs, and the two key elements we discovered, that helped not just our clients but businesses all around the world…, sadly, these two elements are very much misunderstood.

They are: Brand and Marketing

Usually, when branding is suggested before marketing, some folks are confused because they can’t even imagine why they need branding, while some believe branding to be only what they can see like: Logos, Typography, Colours & Style

But Branding is much more, those are the External Branding, there are more important things like: Internal Branding, Brand Positioning, Brand Character, Brand Communication & Brand Goals

So, today, we’ll explain the differences between the two, why you need both and how they can increase your sales.

As a business, Branding answers the question of Why?

Marketing on the other hand, answers the question of How and What?

Branding says to the prospect or customer…

This is WHY we exist

WHY people should care to buy from us

This is WHY we are different

Marketing is…

How do we make progress

How do we measure things

How do we get results

It is also important to know that Branding is long-term, while Marketing is short term. Branding focuses on the company’s vision, while marketing focuses on the mission per time.

Branding says, how can we shake things up in our industry?

What long term impact will we make?

Marketing says what can we do to bring immediate results, what are the things we can do to get our message heard and what are the tools will we use to do it.

For better understanding, you can view Branding as macro and Marketing as micro, though Marketing focuses on micro actionable steps, branding guides it on the path of sales. Meaning, branding focuses on the company’s belief, the brand culture, the brand tone and voice.

These are the things that Marketing takes and run with in creating campaigns ads and contents

Therefore, it is safe to say, Branding defines trajectory, while Marketing defines tactics.

So, if you haven’t been paying attention to your branding before because you think it is just all about logo design or a brand’s visual representation, start looking at it now.




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